Fine Motor Therapy

Occupational Therapy Fine Motor Therapy

Does your child seem to struggle with basic fine motor skills more than their peers? Do they have difficulty when fastening buttons or zippers? Does homework take longer than expected? Do they have difficulty managing project materials or seem to move through multi-step tasks very slowly? Fine motor skills are necessary for almost every activity that a child is expected to complete daily. Whether it is dressing, eating, building, or writing, children engage in many tasks that require smooth and efficient fine motor coordination.

Additionally, some children struggle with a skill called motor praxis. This refers to the ability to create an idea in their head of what they  need to do (ideation), understanding how they will need to move their body and sequence these movements to perform an activity (motor planning), as well as the ability to create those movements in a coordinated and efficient manner (execution). Children who struggle with motor praxis have difficulty with more than just strength and coordination. They often struggle to form creative ideas, may appear stuck when completing routine tasks or attempting schoolwork, and are often labeled as stubborn or defiant. A child with motor praxis difficulty may be athletic, but struggle or refuse to participate in team sports. They may display explosive behaviors when presented with a task that they perceive as too challenging. Motor praxis is an extremely important skill for all areas of life. If you believe your child may have motor praxis difficulty, OT can help them become more successful and decrease frustration.