Consulting services focus primarily on assisting caregivers (parents, childcare providers, teachers, direct care staff, etc.) to meet daily sensory needs, promote self-regulation development, and facilitate and optimal level of arousal for successful participation in functional activities. Consultation services to address an individual’s sensory needs will be provided through the development and implementation of a sensory strategies and/or scheduled sensory input (sensory diet) following comprehensive evaluation.

These services may also focus on environmental modifications to decrease overstimulation and promote calming. Modifications to the individual’s environment can be helpful within the home, but are especially helpful in larger, less natural environments, such as schools, skilled nursing facilities, and adult residential/day habilitation settings.

In addition to sensory consulting, Saratoga Sensory is now providing customized self-regulation programming based on the Zones of Regulation program. This methodology provides children with a simple, color-coded behavior chart that incorporates specific sensory strategies to aid in promoting an optimal level of arousal and assisting a child in returning to a calm and organized state after a period of dysregulation. Please contact for further information.

Occupational Therapy Consulting