Jen was my son’s therapist during early intervention. She is wonderful, extremely knowledgeable, kind, and phenomenal at what she does. She truly cares for those she works with and it shows in the results she produces. Her focus on my son’s sensory needs and advocacy for his best interests sets her apart from the rest. Her passion for what she does shines so bright and any family that has the opportunity to work with Jen will be so very blessed. – Kate

Jen was a wonderful part of our days during the couple years she was our daughter’s Occupational Therapist. She was always so caring toward our little one. And we are so thankful for the ways she helped our daughter make progress. – Renee

Jen is extremely knowledgeable and a true professional. As a former colleague, I highly recommend her. She’s an excellent OT. – Dina

My two year old son started working with Jen a few months ago. Now all I can say is from day one my son was happy with her and he is sad when his session is over. It’s amazing how she gets him to sit for a whole half an hour without moving around. She is very patient and understanding. – Afeefa

As an occupational therapist, Jennifer shows tremendous compassion and dedication with all of her students. She engages students and gives them the confidence to become decision makers. Her enthusiasm shines through in every session. – Erin

Ms. Oliver is quick to take initiative and demonstrates a high level of creativity in her approach with therapeutic instruction. She is exceptionally patient and compassionate with her students. – Dana

Ms. Oliver is the most dedicated and creative clinical staff member I have ever worked with in my twenty years of service. She is truly an asset to those she serves and the agency she works for. – Jerry