Sensory & Motor Therapy

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How is treatment provided?

Currently providing sensory and fine motor treatment in a private office clinic setting in Clifton Park.  

Who may benefit from sensory treatment?

Children who display significant needs in one or more areas of sensory processing may benefit from sensory treatment to promote improved functional attention, self-regulation, and a decrease in challenging behaviors. Children with diagnoses of Autism, ADHD, difficulty with attention and focus, lack of coordination, poor body awareness, sensory sensitivities, challenging behaviors with no clear cause, general disorganization, decreased self-regulation, heightened arousal, decreased awareness, and poor grading of movements may benefit from sensory treatment. Please refer to the sensory drop-down menu for specific information on treatment of behavioral challenges, retained primitive reflexes, dyspraxia, and childhood trauma.

Will my child enjoy sensory treatment?

Sensory therapy will give your child a fun experience through developmentally appropriate play-based activities designed to challenge their sensory processing and promote self-regulation. If your child becomes uncomfortable at any time during treatment, the activity will be modified to ensure a positive and beneficial experience.

What is the parent’s role and responsibility?

During clinic sessions, the parent is required to remain on-site. Parent participation is optional, but observation of sessions is strongly encouraged as it gives the opportunity to understand treatment methods and provides time for teaching of carryover activities.

What does OT cost?

Services are provided through a flexible model with a competitive private pay rate. Though I have made the difficult decision to no longer bill health insurance companies directly, I will work with you to provide guidance and any necessary documentation to seek reimbursement through your health care plan. Saratoga Sensory is also able to accept direct payment via FAS/HSA cards. Please note, insurance coverage may be dependent on receiving a qualifying diagnosis from your child’s pediatrician. It is possible that OT services may not be covered under commercial insurance for children without a specific diagnosis. Any services provided for indirect sensory assessment or consultation are typically not reimbursed by insurance. Please contact your insurance company for further information regarding coverage and out-of-network reimbursement requirements. Additionally, your child may be eligible for reimbursement for services through OPWDD funding.

OT evaluation and services are offered at a competitive, reasonable rate, with payment due at the time the service is provided. Please contact for current rates. Payment may be made in the form of cash, check, credit card, or FSA/HSA cards. In NY, no script or referral is required for OT evaluation, therapy, or consultation unless a child requires OT as the result of an illness or injury (NYS Occupational Therapy:Practice Guidelines:Prescriptions (